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Wall of Flame

Mild to Wild® is proud to have been the supplier of choice for these and many other sauce makers [at one time or another]. Several of these sauces had their world premier based on my chiles. The list grows each and every year! This list covers sauces from Costa Rica to Ohio, from California to New Jersey- anywhere you find a great sauce, chances are good I helped play a part.

CaJohns' Fiery Foods - Krakatoa, The Legend, Viper, HDH Sauce, Flame, Fire Dust, CaBoom Salsa, and several more.

Gardner Resources - Home of my buddy Blair Lazar of Death Sauce fame! Blown Away, Sudden Death, Possible Side Effects.

Galena Canning Company - Blasting Sauce, Chef Ivo's Grillin' Sauce, and too many others to try and even list!

Montezuma Brand Foods - Chuck Evans of 'The Hot Sauce Bible' fame. Too many to list!

Bebo's Salsa - Bebo's Red Habanero Sauce

Dave's Gourmet - Dave's Insanity Sauce

Phamous Phloyds - Phlaming Hot BBQ Sauce

Figueroa Brothers - Melinda's Red Savina® Habanero Sauce

Spice From Paradise - Caribe Fire, Sweet Revenge, Hot & Honey

Eat This! - Strawberry Habanero Soul Sauce

Two Chefs, Inc. - Pure Hell, Hellenback, Road to Hell, & Halfway to Pure Hell

Andy's Good 'n Hot Stuff

Adirondack Spice Co - ASC Reserve, Ceasers' Revenge,

Dicks' Bodacious BBQ - Dicks' Bodacious Spicy Hot BBQ Sauce

Cyndi's Gourmet - Cyndi's Gourmet Jams & Jellies

Judicial Flavors - Shyster Sauce, So Sue Me, Contempt of Court, Bailiff's Brutality

My Hot Sauce Co - Monty's Smoke & Fire Sauce

Raptor Farms - Raptor Sauce, Happy Crow, Grin & Bear It, Rowdy Raptor

D-TRAIN Foods, LLC - D-TRAIN'S Hot Pepper Sauce