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Customer Comments

"I have been spreading the word (not to mention the spices) out here on the east coast and it is a HUGE, BIG, ENORMOUS hit, your sauces and spices are awesome, so the wait, is worth it. Thanks for the FYI, and look forward to receiving the order."

-Stan S

"Dear Jim,

Hi my name is nic i am 14 years old, and my parents just bought your STUPID HOT Sause from the Indiana state fair and i look like to say that i RESPECT your sause. i have tried many hot sauses but yours is the hottest. i took just a tiny bit about 20 minutes ago and it still burns the roof of my mouth. i started to just about eat everything in my house to try and get the hottnest out but it wouldnt go away. i would just like to say that your hot sause ROCKS your doing a great JOB."

-Nic O


I think your sauces that you make are excellent. By the way i am only 15 years old but i just bought a bottle of your stupid hot sauce, and your fiery hot habanero sauce. The stupid hot was just amazingly hot and i have been able to tolarate hot things my whole life, but this sauce by far exceeds my limits. I also just made some hot wings with your fiery hot habenero sauce and i think that, that sauce is the most flavorful habanero sauce i have ever had. It was great it had that hotness that i love and the flavor better than anything else. Well thats it i hope you are going to be making some new sauces sometime soon."

-Dan Z.


I read about your Red Savina® Garlic Sauce on the chilehead list and had to try it so I placed an order. I could hardly wait to get home from Oklahoma to taste it, ah.......the anticipation. Had my first taste on Tuesday the 20th now it is Saturday and the bottle is empty. What can I say, I don't possess the words to describe how wonderful your sauce is. It is addictive! I had to order some more today and look forward to that little bottle of heaven when it arrives."

Yvonne B., a very satisfied customer

"I have been a chili head for years and have tried many different hot sauces and am always looking for a better sauce. I won't have to search anymore thanks to your great sauces, particularly the Red Savina® Garlic and the Fiery Hot. The quality, care, craftsmanship and great natural ingredients show. They are delicious. I am a loyal shopper when I find quality products at a fair price and I can assure you I will be a repeat customer. Thanks again for your superior products at great prices. I'll be ordering again soon. When it comes to pepper sauces, you're the best! "

-Scott K

"O Most Righteous One,

I know where good animals go when they die because I am in Hog Heaven right now! The wind chill outside is near -30 but those icy finger can't touch me. My order from you arrived a few minutes ago and I am already kicking myself for not ordering more.

I tried the Original Finishing Sauce first and it is everything all the Chiliheads said it would be. We're smoking some pork next weekend for the SuperBowl and it's the perfect sauce. I just know it isn't going to last long. Then I tried Backdraft and was properly blown away. I have no idea how I've lived my life without it up until now."

-Wendy W

"I told you it was addicting .... but you didn't listen to me ..... not sure what Mr Campbell put into his brew but it is yummy and no one believes the price when I tell them so I have to show them his Website before they believe me .... Hmmmmmm I think I should get a commission :-)

Keep up the good Work Jim ...."

-Chris M

"Thanks for such a prompt order, I am not used to that. You have me hooked already. My hat is off to Ralph. It seemed to have a bit of curry influence, but that was back when my taste buds were still alive. :-)

I will be ordering more, I like your peppers. I'll catch up with you in a few days to get more. I think you had chipotle listed on your site. Wow, that RS is so good!"

-Jim W

"A bottle of "stupid hot". Now, I am not as influenced by Christmas cheer as I might have been 18 hours previously, but I am still intrigued ... your products, after all, have a well earned and well deserved reputation. I crack the seal, grab a handy silver (yes, sterling ... I only use the best for this kind of adventure) and carefully drop two (2) drops into the bowl, followed by a slight wipe-off of the bottle on the edge of the spoon (I think this is 2 & 1/2 drops ... ), and then simply stick the whole thing in my mouth ...

The following few moments are a bit hard to describe ... I will try to capture them as I remember them (and believe me, they are MEMORABLE!!!!). The first sensation is that I can't move ... then, I feel like I have put a blowtorch straight down my throat (what was Deep Throat about, anyway ... ), and then I have the sensation that I have run, nose first, into a concrete wall, at something exceeding 25 MPH, with no headgear, and no time to turn sideways. After that, 20-30 minutes pass where varying degrees of the same sensations go through my head, alternating with a seriously basic instinct to simply breathe. It was the most serious capsicum rush I've ever experienced, along with the most seriously confused emotional reaction regarding whether continuing to or to simply give up and die was the better choice.

In conclusion, you've outdone yourself - this is simply the hottest, baddest and best hot sauce I have ever tasted. Most people will not be able to tolerate even a drop, but, for those incredibly sick individuals who have completely succumbed to capsicum addiction, this is a very rare treat. My congratulations."

-Steve D

"I got your shipment of hot sauces. Let me tell you, they were awesome. The chipotle and the Fiery Hot Habanero BBQ sauces were one of the best I've tasted. I liked the red savina/garlic. I pour it on chips. Not too bad as far as heat but it has great flavor with the garlic. Backdraft is some HOT STUFF!! I love it. I also but this on chips, although not as much as the garlic stuff. It is great on pizza and just about anything. I've had other extract sauces and this is the best. It actually has flavor...great flavor. I don't know what it is but it taste really good. Its amazing that with all that heat the flavor can stand out as it does. It's hard to describe the taste of all these but they were all good. I haven't opened the UnBEARable and I don't know when I will. If it is anything like rest of your stuff it is probably amazing. Don't worry I'll be very careful with this one.

I loved the hot smoky flavor of the Ground Red Savina. I'm going to try adding your stuff to recipes. Thanks for the extra bottle of Chipotle sauce. I'll definitely be back to purchase more. Thanks again!

Sincerely a satisfied customer

PS: By the way, were you on the food network. There was this show on peppers and they talked about the Red Savina and this place that grew them in Indiana. I did notice the quote about Food TV on your home page. It wasn't by the food network that I got your website but got it from Tough Love Chile Co. in Reno Nevada."

"Hi Jim,

I just got home from work and my box of goodies was on the front porch, which always makes me feel like a kid at Christmas. After opening up the box all my goodies were there along with the innocent looking bear. I immediately went to the kitchen and opened it up dumped some on my finger (I always try first time sauces out straight) and took a lick.. Needless to say I'm still burning a half an hour later. This is the most unique packaging for a sauce I have ever seen , it is truly a classic.

I know someone will be over for a bbq and see the cute bear and think "this sauce can't be that hot" I will warn them and it will do no good. As they slather some on their ribs and take the first bite, they will say "this isn't that hot" as smoke starts rolling out of their ears, they start to cry, sweat starts to form on their forehead and they start losing their breath..I will just smile.

I've seen it happen a hundred times, but for some sick reason it's always fun to see one of those "it's never to hot for me types" meet their match..

One thing you seem to be able to do is make extract sauces that have good flavor. I had never really tasted a extract sauce that I liked until Backdraft and as hot as the Unbearable is there is still a good flavor to it..I forgot to order smoked powder so I'll probably be putting in another in about a month or so.

Thanks, and as always you are the best!!!!"

-Bill D